L ü n e n : F 3 B 2 0 2 1

17 participants flew models from Weberschock-Development:

1st and 2nd place with Device HM High End Version, 5xDevice in the first 8 places with 45 participants.

D e v i c e - K

The Device is now available with a cross stabilizer configuration

E l e c t r i c - D e v i c e

The Device – family has got a new member with the Electric-Device .


D e v i c e

F3B Worldcup Colmar, France:

Ranking 1, 3, 4 und 8 for Device!

D e v i c e

5x Device in the Top Ten of the current World Cup!

Helmut Edenhofer, Johannes Krischke, Frank Thomas, Christoph Sarter, Tobias Ebner and Martin Weberschock used the Device at Hülben.

The modell, designed by Philip Kolb and Benjamin Rodax, satisfies with easy handling and exceptional performance.

Ich weiß, du weißt, Device!

A p p o i n t m e n t s


  • 14.- 16.11.2024

CFK airplane building and  mold building

Dates for 2024 on request.
Limited number of attendees.

P r i c e l i s t

Price list online, dated 12/2021