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Martin Weberschock - Martin@weberschock-development.de

Workshops for building forms and high-tech models
In a new designed workshop series it is possible to learn building CFK-models. Martin Weberschock teaches with his knowledge and his experience interessted modelers. You will build real forms or models in these workshops.

Upcoming workshop-dates can be found on the home-page!

Mold- and modelbuilding workshop
CFK model- and moldbuilding at Martin's shop in Groß Lengden in three days

In this workshop a common mold for e.g. a fuselage, a wing or tail will be produced. All building steps are performed and discussed. Furthermore, a wing is made for a successful F3B model. Starting with the work-protection, across the waxing, varnishing, laminating, vacuum, bonding the two halfes of the mold, through to the ejection and tear out the rudders all steps are completed. The installation of RDS linkage does not remain hidden. In good weather there is also the chance to get knowledge of the power of a "Device". Only through the preparation of the individual phases, the process is reduced to three days. You experience all steps without having to wait for hardening. (The model parts produced remain in the property of Weberschock Development) Workshop participants get special rates when hiring a master molds or molds.

Fee per person: 430€ incl. lunch without accommodation (399€ for collegues)
(Overnight stay in the village is possible)
maximum of seven participants

CFK- and GFK-model repair workshop
Repair of CFK-/GFK-models in Martin's shop in Groß Lengden in two days

There are today many parts of expensive models that are exchanged in cause of damages. This is very costly and often unnecessary. In this workshop, you bring broken wings / fuselages and tail units with you. On your models repairs are carried out as an example. Practice, tips and tricks will be learned. What material is used how? Martin Weberschock loves the repair of "written off" models.
Get infected!

Fee per person: 249€ including lunch and repair materials
maximum of five participants

Modelbuilding and flight coaching
Crafting of a radical or a coming model.

Depending on weather two times flying in between

Wishes and goals of the attendees are taken into account.

Launching with F3B winches.

per attendee 380€

Coaching and training
Taken into account are the goals of the attendees like:

- Enhancing the launch
- Adjustment of the model for the different tasks
- Introduction or enhancement of speed task

per attendee 235 €

Mental trainig for modelpilots
Learning several elements of mental training.

Main goal of this workshop will be to enhance the own training to stabilize the own ressources.

per attendees 150 €